NEW :: How to Make a Pom Pom with Loome

YES you can make all of these! Even if you are not the most talented crafter in the world... yes, that is what the Loome is here for.. to rescue you! (and they make a FANTASTIC gift!)

The moment I saw these wonderful Loome's I know they were just the ticket for a little special gift this Holiday Season. And we got them just in time! These little Loomes make (among other things) pom poms (as in this helpful video), tassels, friendship bracelets and so much more! Watch their videos (they have a how-to video for each of the items) and get INSPIRED  this Holiday Season!

Watch all of the How-To's and you will become a PRO in no time. I can make about 15 pom poms while I wait for Franny's backetball practice! and during Sander's soccer game (1 1/2 grueling hours) I have learned friendship bracelets and tassels. I know, I know.. I DID get these for my kids but I swear you will love it too!

Watch all the how-to videos on YouTube by subscribing to the LOOME feed

and get your Loome from me HERE :)

Happy Days are here AGAIN!