Simone LeBlanc Gift Boxes

this is the cozy home box

Most of the blogs I write are things that I come upon that I like and figure you would like too! I could have sworn I had already written about these lovely gift boxes from Simone LeBlanc - but there you go, I have not. I love giving gifts, finding the perfect thing, taking my time months in advance. Maybe it's just part of having a store, but I love it. My husband has a terrible time thinking of gifts, so I turned him onto Simone LeBlanc. She started her gifting company in 2011, and a native of Los Angeles she has the perfect crowd, she makes gift boxes for celebrities, corporations and even a new mom! But it's her execution that I love, each boxes is well thought out, perfectly packed and makes the perfect gift, always.

the welcome winter box (complete with cashmere blanket)

So if you are out of steam in the gifting department, check out her website and just choose one of her gift boxes. Complete your order with address etc and you are DONE! You have just sent the best gift possible, in a gorgeous box all ready to go!

new mom box
There is a box for just about everything, for Him, for Her, for a Family, for a new mom, Detox... it's all there just gift with your wildest dreams.. or to tell a friend you love her very much!

website: Simone LeBlanc