shopping guide no.1 - IKEA

very cute book of home inspiration! $13.99

I thought I would start our shopping guides with a recent shopping trip I took with mom (mor mor) and the kids... over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend no less...

My mom came to visit from Minnesota, and although she went to Ikea before she left, I said maybe we should take the kids to Ikea on Saturday (after Thanksgiving)? YES! (how does she love this place so much...) - so there we were driving the one and half hours to Ikea on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (they call this blue and yellow day!). These days my mom is very upset with Ikea because they are making changes to their food section, getting rid of the Abba swedish caviar and sardines, they long ago stopped selling Felix Lingonberries, and now they have even replaced the Marabou chocolate with their own brand name... are they learning too much from the Americans!? Yes, maybe so... at any rate she is not going to take this lying down, she is going to complain like a true Swede...

These are our favorites from the food section (clockwise from top right): the Jam (sylt) is the best I love the orange marmalade and the kids love the strawberry, mixed berry and blueberry - next is the swedish caviar tradidtional salmon is fine (Abba is BETTER) - the herring is worth it, we like the Matjes but you need to try them all and find your favorite! - the Knackbrod... it's not Siljans but it's maybe even better!? - and last but not least... my favorite, the mustard! truly the BEST and it will make any kid LOVE mustard, also mixed with greek yogurt and dill it makes a great sauce for salmon!

She whispered to me at the checkout "they don't even have Bilar anymore..." it's all gone the way of their own brand. Since this may be hard for many of you, as it is for us, we decided to have a taste test and give you the heads up on what is still worth it and what you will just have to learn live without (unless the ladies of Minnesota all revolt against it, and make them go back to the loved and cherished brands of their home Sverige!). Don't even bother with the chocolate.. NOTHING comes near Marabou!

clockwise from top left: Giflar are tiny cinnamon rolls the kids go absolutely NUTS over... and don't let anybody fool you, the swedish meatballs are the best, I don't care WHAT they're made of! - the Salmon and the tiny shrimps are delicious! - NEVER, never leave Ikea without a jar of Lingon Sylt! we put it on everything... morning oatmeal, the best!!

Last year at Christmas (at my sisters) my mom had the job of meatballs, she makes the best (or so I thought). My mom is a very gourmet type cook, she loves a good recipe, follows it to the T, when I was a kid and the neighbors would come over she would serve Stuffed Peppers! (what the heck!?) anyway... at Christmas, she whispered to me "I just heated up the Ikea meatballs, nobody will know the difference" I just about fell over! So this Christmas, follow our rule, Swedish meatballs, lingon sylt and mashed potatoes and you can get them ALL at Ikea... DONE!

clockwise from top left: santa bags + stickers to make any package look 'finished' - tea candles 40,000 for $3.99 (just kidding) = cheap! - more candles (they have changed slightly from the past but I like the new ones!) - the BEST wrapping paper (and the cheapest) you will find anywhere!!!

And just a few of our favorite non-food items... CANDLES... the ikea candles are the best and they don't have the dirty lead wire inside (that's what makes all that SMOKE) - Swedes would never do that! The best cards and Christmas paraphernalia you can imagine!

So there you go... now run off to Ikea, and the best time is for HOLIDAYs!!


jann :: lucky fish - these are a few of her favorite things.....

Jann is my constant inspiration, I feel that we have the same amount of curiosity, and of any of my friends she is usually the one to say, 'yea, let's do it!' so I would never give up the chance to travel with her! Someone recently asked me about my favorite things, then I thought I would LOVE to know what are Jann's favorite things... so when I asked her, who knew I would get a list a MILE long.

So here you go... and be inspired!
clockwise starting at top left: indoor plants, farmers markets, her silkscreens, kiln enamel tableware, le creuset dutch oven, all on top of a bright green rug that would make any home happy!

Reasons to be Cheerful -These are a few of my favorite things:

Wild flower Bouquets.
Raindrops on umbrellas, that dont break in 5 minutes.
Kittens on T-shirts.
Birthday Parties.
Bright orange enamel pots-like Le Creuset.
Enamel tableware from Kiln Enamel.
Really bright rugs that I covet.
"Grain" eco-friendly shower curtain.
Pot plants.
Brown paper packages tied up with strings.
Clip Art Books!
Art exhibitions.
Silk Screen.
Some Bling.

clockwise from top left: softest shoes from Morocco, handmade necklaces, dosa sample sale, dirty martini, beach, ceramics/white glazes, the FARM all on a bright purple rug!

New softest shoes from Morocco.
Things people make.
Browsing in Bookstores.
Dosa Sample Sale.
Outdoor Movies.
New Places.
Outer Boroughs.
Hand Knits.
Fiber Arts.
Friendship Bracelets.
My friends.
Dirty Martinis.
Vinho Verde.
Red Wine.
Full Moon.link to moon t-shirt
Neon Colors-not only for the 80's.
All colors.
Hand made Pottery.
White Glazes.

clockwise from top left: glass vases by Verre New York, Cape Town South Africa, Rucola in Brooklyn, World of Interiors, glow in the dark Moon tshirt, shearling clog boots, baby bunnies, cozy handmade socks with leather bottom, winter

Glass Bottles.
My Family.
Baby animals on the farm.
Crisp apple cobbler (or crisp.)
Dark Chocolate with chili or salt.
Radio Nova or Spotify
Dinner at Rucola- neighborhood restaurant.
Campfire Cooking.
Shopping at the farmers market.
Food my friends and family make.
Millas drawings.
World of Interiors Magazines.
Mystery novels.
New Short haircut by Trish in her apartment on the Bowery (call 917 279 383)
Girls in white dresses.True.
Girls in Jackets.
Men With Funny Beards and Moustaches.
Snowflakes outside my window.
Silver white winters upstate.
Ski School.
Winter vacations in Puorto Rico
Cape Town.
Warm woolen mittens and fleece clog boots.
Socks that are slippers.
Scarves.Always.link to lemlem scarf on your website
Summer at the beach.
Summer in the mountains.
Ice cream.

These are a few of my favorite things.


Busy Week!

It's a busy week coming up, I secretly feed off these moments, and tend to get an incredible amount done when the week presents itself this way. Last night I had "the girls" over for a Product Swap - it was just an excuse to get together and see everyone before the busy holiday season starts. We had a great time, but I totally forgot to take photographs... sorry! So here is the concept, invite your friends over (if you need an invite idea see below), everyone brings the products that don't work for them, you know those things.. you HATE to throw them away but you knew as soon as you bought them that they were NOT going to work for you. Thing is.. in a room full of women, what doesn't work for you will usually work for someone else! We had a great time swapping stuff, drinking wine and having a light evening snack (including the delicious Organic Avenue brownies!! recipe below)

To start the week off right I had my daily one mile run, yes pretty silly just one mile but it really helps me get into gear, and my breakfast of champions!

delicious hard boiled egg, Swedish salmon caviar, parsley on Siljans cracker and a cup of tea

finished sandwich!

Then on Tuesday I pack up my car..

full of my store (well as much as will fit!) and drive down to NYC for a Sample Sale on WEDNESDAY, November 16th from 9am to 1 pm, together with my friends at Clover New York, Pappi Pappi, Atsuyo et Akiko, Wovenplay and Jann from Lucky Fish! We will have a beautiful range of baby, kids and mom clothing and accessories at great prices.. We will be in TriBeCa at the Church Street Music School (74 Warren Street-NYC)... it's a great chance to get a jump on Christmas Shopping!

lucky wang new republic jacket! (fleece inside!)

In the midst of that I just got a big box from Lucky Wang! including their wonderful (and MY personal favorite the Republic Jacket), new baby quilts from Haptic Lab, I just made a slew of new nonchalantmom necklaces, new colors in colored denim from ESP no1 and Erica Tanov should be here any minute now... so lots of photographing is in order!!

Then this weekend is the Book Fair at School - which means baking, working the sale and having some fun is in order! Our local Waldorf School has a Holiday Faire this weekend too which I would never want to miss... amazing toys and fun for the kids always! (thankfully my husband is IN town this week... whew!)

So now that I have been sitting here writing my blog I need to move my BUTT and get into action! Have a great week everyone!

vegan brownies

Vegan/Raw Brownie recipe (via Organic Avenue!) - the great thing is this recipe takes about 5 minutes or less... it's crazy easy and everyone loves them -- even your kids!

1 1/2 cups organic walnuts
16 pitted organic deglet dates
1/3 cup cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla bean powder
2 tsp of purified water
dash of sea salt  
extra handful of whole walnuts, pulsed on food processor for top

In a food processor, grind the walnuts and salt until fine. Add the dates and process until dough forms. Next add the cacao, vanilla, water and process again until well mixed.  

Scoop out a tablespoon full of dough and roll into a ball. Pat down into a mini brownie shape. I pulse a little bit more of the walnuts and then sprinkle it on top and even on the bottom... YUM!



I am joining my friends from
Clover New York, Pappi Pappi, Lucky Fish, 
Wovenplay and Atsuyo et Akiko for a sAMplE SaLE!!

weDNesDAy, NoVembER 16th (one day only!)
9am to 1pm

at the Church Street Music School in TriBeCa
74 Warren Street between Greenwich St & West Broadway
cHAmpagne and MUsic accompanied by a BEAutiFul range of 
Spring, Fall and Resort designer clothing and accessories at AmaZIng prices!

I look forward to seeing you there!!
(pssst... tell ALL your friends!)

stay tuned to my blog and I will give you an idea of what I am bringing...
as soon as I figure it out!


Halloween Contest WINNERS!

the WINNER - Robin!
runner up!

I swear that everyone was really a winner this year.... so many amazing costumes! We had to do some heavy canvasing because I loved all of them! I had the neighbors over, the neighbors kids, MY kids, we laid them out and voted on our favorites - of the over one hundred entries I have to say that every one of them was super creative and so amazingly well executed! We thought we needed to show a few that were constantly in the top, to give you creative guys some ideas for next year...

I would love this supergirl to save me anyday! - so simple yet couldn't be cuter!

we had lot's of baby entries... but we all thought this one was well-made AND oh so cute and unique

I loved this one... there is also a dumbbell involved but this photo.. so cute!

Amelia Earhart complete with clouds on mom!

there is harry potter and then there is Harry Potter from the second book with the car, spiders... AMAZING!! to top if off they are reading the books so this is where they were in the book and decided to make a costume right there...

There are two of these, a butterfly AND a bird... it's amazing really! what a costume!

Yes, just had to include this because... its perfection! (love that she is in her carriage - it looks a little like she may just LIVE every day like this)


The Winners!

Thank you EVERYONE for entering... it was so much fun to see what everyone puts into this holiday to make it fun and creative! My 6 year old said... "this is my favorite holiday! -- well, after that one where we get presents". Happy Holidays to everyone and THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


Mix and Match... LOOKS for FALL that you will LOVE!

Tuss, Wovenplay, Lucky Fish.. all at once. For details see below...

We pulled together some very fun looks for you from the store that we really love... just to show you that mixing and matching the Nonchalant Mom collections is FUN and looks GREAT! You can click on the descriptions and they will take you to the item on the website! Hope you LOVe them !!

Tuss navy wool jersey poncho, Nico Nico Charlie sweatpant - zig zag mountains t-shirtShampoodle elastic/adjustable suspenders

Makie baby alpaca stripe hat, Makie reversible vest, Nico Nico sunrise T in bone, ESP no1 jeans, Super Editions make your own book

ESP no1 pocket sweater, cotton royal blue neck warmer, ESP no1 black jeans, Wovenplay pony necklace, Clare Vivier pebble leather royal wallet

Tuss Ted navy shirt, Super Sky skirt railroad stripe, Wovenplay star belt, Atsuyo et Akiko locket necklace, Lucky Fish silk animals scarf, Clare Vivier natural wallet, Veja sneakers

Lucky Fish blue foil bat hoodie (bat on back!), Lucky Fish pink peacock long sleeve t, Kit + Lili eseme mini skirt, Atsuyo et Akiko fur handbag (fake fur that is...), Wovenplay clementine hair clip

Lucky Fish glow in the dark moon thermal t, Makie navy velvet skirt, Nico Nico organic cotton sherpa vest, Atsuyo et Akiko fur key necklace, Wovenplay + Jess Brown doll

Shampoodle big dot t-shirt, Kit+Lili esme silver skirt, ESP no1 jeans, Lucky Fish pink peacock messenger bag, Erica Tanov yellow fur neckie/belt, Wovenplay couronne

Tuss black denim Tilda blouse, Wovenplay gide stripe skirt, Tuss tights, Lucky Fish animals silk scarf, Wovenplay+Jess Brown doll

Makie Marla dress, ESP no1 jeans, Oeuf snake
Nico Nico organic cotton sherpa poncho, ESP no1 stripe japanese cotton long sleeve pocket t, ESP no1 jeans, Lucky Fish animals silk scarf, Veja sneakers

Wovenplay pink moleskin cape, Lucky Fish faded bunnies long sleeve thermal t, Nico Nico Charlie sweatpants
Kit+Lili grape flora Natalie dress, Nico Nico sherpa vest

Makie baby alpaca stripe hat + reversible vest, Lucky Fish faded bunnies thermal t, Lucky Fish/edible schoolyard tea towel as scarf, Makie navy velvet skirt

Tuss grey heather wrap top and pants, Makie mittens, Benk baby hat, Oeuf ball, Lucky Fish baby blanket

Lucky Fish pink foil onesie (also comes in blue), Makie wool felt booties, Bakker baby bibs

Lucky Fish/Edible Schoolyard tea towel (great for chic baby towel perfect for diaper changing... etc..), Shampoodle indigo 3/4 sleeve t, Shampoodle indigo dipped pants, Veja baby sneakers

Shampoodle Leroy tracksuit (sizes baby through adult!), Lucky Fish pink/gold bee onesie, Uncle Goose wood blocks

Atusyo et Akiko alphabet t-shirts for boy or girl!, ESP no1 jeans, Veja baby sneakers, Playsam car w/two people

Makie orange or grey rib one piece, Makie grey baby alpaca socks, Uncle Goose blocks, Lucky Fish/Edible Schoolyard tea towel (perfect for diaper changing, clean ups etc...)

Lucky Fish baby blanket, Tuss wrap top and pants, Makie bib, Atsuyo et Akiko towel

Hope you love it all and keep MIXING AND MATCHING... if you have questions don't hesitate to email me!


My favorite UNISEX items of FALL 2011

wovenplay stripe raglan! - perfect unisex
If you are a long-time Nonchalant Mom fan you know that we started it all off as UNISEX... then I had a girl and things changed... I still think that most of my things can swing either way and here are some ideas of my favorites:

Tuss wool jersey cape - perfect for boys or girls!


All of Nico Nico is perfectly UNISEX! I love all these pieces on both boys and girls


both my kids will not wear any other jeans but ESP no1!! LOVE!

coming soon in a few colors! stay tuned - but this blue is GREAT!

even adults... scosha friendship bracelets... for men AND women!

Lem Lem poncho okay, not so unisex, but for the crazy adventurous man.. maybe!?
I just think it's best if everyone can get use out of their clothing! (especially when you are buying an investment piece...)

happy shopping!