as part of our 8 Year Anniversary - we are giving away friendship... bracelets, that is!

You know that I am crazy for friendship bracelets! So now through Saturday (11/5/11) all Nonchalant Mom orders will receive a free friendship bracelet (while supplies last)! To celebrate our 8 year Anniversary we thought it would be nice to share a little friendship. These beauties were made by Su Vani. Su is a French mom, who shares her life between Ireland (Dublin) and France (Paris) with her family (2 little boys: 3 and 7) - I met Su on Facebook (see good things can come from Facebook!). We were friends of friends... see how that happens!

I asked her to write a bit about her little friendship bracelets and she gave me this delightful story:

At the end of this summer, I wish the summer would never go away.
So I decided to make a little bracelet in neon pink + pink to bring with me some brightness & sunshine.
I offered some to my friends as a reminder of me, as a gift of love & friendship, and therefore they can think of me too when they wear them.
I love this idea that my little bracelets, the few simple threads I plait together, can become love & friendship symbols between people.

Spread the bracelets, spread the love ! -Su

worn together with the scosha signature bracelets
You can follow Su on her blog by clicking here

If we have any leftover you will be able to purchase them on the website.... but I have a feeling they will be flying out the door!