My favorite UNISEX items of FALL 2011

wovenplay stripe raglan! - perfect unisex
If you are a long-time Nonchalant Mom fan you know that we started it all off as UNISEX... then I had a girl and things changed... I still think that most of my things can swing either way and here are some ideas of my favorites:

Tuss wool jersey cape - perfect for boys or girls!


All of Nico Nico is perfectly UNISEX! I love all these pieces on both boys and girls


both my kids will not wear any other jeans but ESP no1!! LOVE!

coming soon in a few colors! stay tuned - but this blue is GREAT!

even adults... scosha friendship bracelets... for men AND women!

Lem Lem poncho okay, not so unisex, but for the crazy adventurous man.. maybe!?
I just think it's best if everyone can get use out of their clothing! (especially when you are buying an investment piece...)

happy shopping!