jann :: lucky fish - these are a few of her favorite things.....

Jann is my constant inspiration, I feel that we have the same amount of curiosity, and of any of my friends she is usually the one to say, 'yea, let's do it!' so I would never give up the chance to travel with her! Someone recently asked me about my favorite things, then I thought I would LOVE to know what are Jann's favorite things... so when I asked her, who knew I would get a list a MILE long.

So here you go... and be inspired!
clockwise starting at top left: indoor plants, farmers markets, her silkscreens, kiln enamel tableware, le creuset dutch oven, all on top of a bright green rug that would make any home happy!

Reasons to be Cheerful -These are a few of my favorite things:

Wild flower Bouquets.
Raindrops on umbrellas, that dont break in 5 minutes.
Kittens on T-shirts.
Birthday Parties.
Bright orange enamel pots-like Le Creuset.
Enamel tableware from Kiln Enamel.
Really bright rugs that I covet.
"Grain" eco-friendly shower curtain.
Pot plants.
Brown paper packages tied up with strings.
Clip Art Books!
Art exhibitions.
Silk Screen.
Some Bling.

clockwise from top left: softest shoes from Morocco, handmade necklaces, dosa sample sale, dirty martini, beach, ceramics/white glazes, the FARM all on a bright purple rug!

New softest shoes from Morocco.
Things people make.
Browsing in Bookstores.
Dosa Sample Sale.
Outdoor Movies.
New Places.
Outer Boroughs.
Hand Knits.
Fiber Arts.
Friendship Bracelets.
My friends.
Dirty Martinis.
Vinho Verde.
Red Wine.
Full Moon.link to moon t-shirt
Neon Colors-not only for the 80's.
All colors.
Hand made Pottery.
White Glazes.

clockwise from top left: glass vases by Verre New York, Cape Town South Africa, Rucola in Brooklyn, World of Interiors, glow in the dark Moon tshirt, shearling clog boots, baby bunnies, cozy handmade socks with leather bottom, winter

Glass Bottles.
My Family.
Baby animals on the farm.
Crisp apple cobbler (or crisp.)
Dark Chocolate with chili or salt.
Radio Nova or Spotify
Dinner at Rucola- neighborhood restaurant.
Campfire Cooking.
Shopping at the farmers market.
Food my friends and family make.
Millas drawings.
World of Interiors Magazines.
Mystery novels.
New Short haircut by Trish in her apartment on the Bowery (call 917 279 383)
Girls in white dresses.True.
Girls in Jackets.
Men With Funny Beards and Moustaches.
Snowflakes outside my window.
Silver white winters upstate.
Ski School.
Winter vacations in Puorto Rico
Cape Town.
Warm woolen mittens and fleece clog boots.
Socks that are slippers.
Scarves.Always.link to lemlem scarf on your website
Summer at the beach.
Summer in the mountains.
Ice cream.

These are a few of my favorite things.