new Melissa Joy Manning jewelry

I was introduced to Melissa Joy Manning through my neighbor, Angela. Angela has a way about jewelry that I really love, she changes her pieces every day, she always, ALWAYS looks amazing and elegant (even picking up the kids and the bus stop!) and she inspires me to try to look good every day. Because let's face it, when you live in a small town, work from home a big part of the time and have a penchant for jeans (yea that's me) you COULD actually not dress up very well each and every day - but Angela does! She kills it in Pip-squeak Chapeau, Melissa Joy Manning and now Black Crane!

I just hold her hands and look at her bracelets, rings and all that, because she wears it all at once and it's amazing. Melissa Joy Manning is a perfect connector for Angela and her style, it is the opposite of bling, it's like taking a part of nature and wearing it in the most elegant way. I happen to choose small pieces from her collection, cause that's just me and the way I feel about Nonchalantmom. But, you can visit her website and find giant pieces of stone, gems and a combined use of metals that will make you drool. All handmade in her studio in California and New York City from recycled materials, in a sustainable way, she's a woman who does things right and is making it work for her.

these gorgeous earrings are Imperial Topaz

Her inspiration is always nature, a sunset floods an arid desert landscape with hues of fire. Ice clashes with an Icelandic sea in a symphony of textures and color. Her jewelry echoes the intrinsic beauty in the world around us. She is inspired by cultures, landscapes and nature, Melissa designs her pieces in ways that highlight the found beauty of the materials she uses. And I'm telling you, it's very evident when you look at her jewelry and you feel it when you wear her pieces - they become a part of you.

black druzy necklace w/mixed metals and the delicate circle, triangle or oval rings

I am a bit crazy about her new collection, these pieces will make any jewelry lover envious. But my favorite person to get started on Melissa Joy Manning jewelry are those who usually don't wear anything. It's the perfect start, and hey let's face it, there is nothing more un-fussy than 14k gold - you don't even have to take your pieces off because you can wear them 24 hours! Now that's my kind of joy!

I hope you enjoy this new collection. click here to see the new pieces.