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Each year is different and no matter how many times I take notes like... nobody shops in October or don't buy those weird pillows ever again, I usually forget and each year I wing it on my whims and just buy what I want for my store. People ask me how I know what works for Nonchalantmom, and after I think for one moment I almost always say "I DON'T" -- when I have interns helping me I tell them to follow their heart and not the trends, now if the person is talented and knows what's out there they will do great, if not they better hope they have a BIG wallet because this whole deal is not easy.

Did I just call myself talented, nope... I just have talented friends! I fill my store with things from people I love, people who have talent and usually NOT a big wallet. Which usually means that we run ourselves a tight business. We constantly remind each other that we are all in this together and it just so happens we all LOVE what we do. Lately, I have heard a lot you all about how much you like what we are doing here so I think I am very lucky, best customers and best, most talented people making great products.

This is a tricky time of hear, we have so many new things arriving every day, the UPS man is like Santa Claus to me. The above compilation photo is new things together with some things we have had around the store for awhile and these are some of my favorite gifts.

ITEMS: (starting from top left)
Matta Indian shirt - (not on the website yet but up soon in the Matta section)
Wovenplay - tiger necklace
MQuan Studio - flower bell
Beck Sondergaard Scarf - Mill scarf
Jess Brown Doll - circus doll (I just noticed that this doll is not on the website! email me if you want her)
Clare V - leopard flat clutch (coming soon on the website)
Village Common - natural, small batch made room and body spray
Fredricks & Mae - horse hair key chain

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and remember us when you SHOP LOCAL - we like that and we work with only local people we love!