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You know I'm all for family travel, I don't know what it is about it but our whole family loves it. And maybe I've somehow transferred it to my kids but one of the best parts of travel, well besides experiencing all these wonderful places, is finding the BEST place to stay! When I was young and had a job with Esprit I used to travel quite a bit, and because it was Esprit we always stayed at the best places (well this is a long long time ago...)

In general, I like to stay at a place; an Inn or a hotel or something like that because I like to meet other people when I travel, I think that's one of the best parts of traveling. But seriously, Kid & Coe is starting to make a serious dent in that theory. What about making that experience fun and easy and the best part of the travel!

visiting NYC stay here!

Founder Zoie is the force behind Kid & Coe. After years traveling the globe with her family, she has become an authority on what makes a stay comfortable. For years she had been traveling while managing her husband's music career, kids in tow, and saw that the hotel accommodations that suited a touring couple no longer fit the needs of her growing family. Zoie began seeking out kid-friendly property rentals that made her family feel at home wherever they were in the world. She has pulled together a website with the help from some very talented folks and I dare you NOT to want to get in your car (or plane!) and go! The best part is that all of these places are kid friendly in some sort of way. You will find that in most of the gorgeous photos there are cribs, kids bedrooms and make of the vision of a perfect stay just inside your reach.

Right now, we are planning a trip upstate before the snow comes. It's the perfect time to travel upstate during the fall season, delicious apples, farmers markets and all that good stuff await. So here are a few of the offerings from Kid & Coe for upstate digs...

The Barn - in Tivoli NY - Hell YES I'd stay here!

So from now on... wherever you go, check to see what Kid & Coe has to offer first!