holy moly... 11 years!

I don't know how it happened so fast but eleven years have gone by and we are still running!! It's that old adage.. if you love what you do, then it will be a success. We have certainly had our up and down times but in general we have been happy and loving what we are doing. The year ahead will have some changes in store (in the store-haha), not huge changes but we would like to do some things BETTER (well there's a LOT I would like to do better, but we will start here...).

I am going to start blogging again, I have missed my communication with you through blogging. I went through a period where I felt that blogging was too much, with facebook and instagram.. it was all a little bit too much for me to keep up on as well. But I really miss the long format of blogging and opening up discussions. Most of all, I have heard from so many people who miss the blog (yay!).

Just in time for the new Fall collections to arrive you are going to see a more personal approach to my buying habits. I "think" I know what you like.. but I want to keep Nonchalantmom close to my heart, I think it makes for better business (well at least it makes me happier if I work that way). I have always worked with people who are making small collections, I won't buy the collection unless I feel the heart beating inside if the brand. There are SO many lines out there and I feel it's best to work with people I like, who are friends and I like to support them and give them a space to shine. So going forward you will see an even more close to my heart approach to what is offered at Nonchalantmom.

I am also going to go down the path of wellness with you... I have found some really unique people who are making some nice things for you and your body so I want to share those with you as well as the clothing and home goods.. so it's going to be a bit of a lifestyle type thing (although I kind of don't like to use that word). The good thing is that we will always offer what we love, who we love and support those who make the world a more peaceful, healthy, and happy place.

Love you all!

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