Just Arrived!! NEW :: Jess Brown rag dolls!

We received a whole new slew of Jess Brown dolls! and they are better than EVER (as usual!!) Your kids will love each and every one of these, PLUS we stocked up on accessories to keep your girl in action and played with... as much as you want to put these Jess Brown dolls on a shelf (they are like a work of art) they are meant to be played with, loved and the best part is seeing your kids sleeping with these gorgeous rag dolls... nothing is cuter than that image to me!

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AND we received a few of the Coco Dolls, these make a PERFECT gift together with the Kiki & Coco in Paris book (click here)

If you are desperately tying to keep your girl away from the American Girl scene, here's what you do, you get the book - read the story and she will instantly fall in love with the story and want to be the girl in the book! It's got everything (with beautiful images by Stephanie Rausser) a cute girl and her doll, a cute doggy, PARIS... what more do you want!?

It's hard for me to say what age this is good for because these dolls can make a great gift for a new baby girl, as long as it stays on the shelf for awhile - The arms are attached with buttons so there are removable pieces but otherwise they are quite durable. It makes an excellent gift for any girl age 5-6 and older - you know when your girl is ready!

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