a Holiday in Tangier anyone... T Magazine gives you a guide... (!!)

illustration by Konstantin Kakanias

I don't know about you but it's always been a dream to go to Tangier, I don't care how overcrowded it's become, and this article will help you navigate the place. From where to stay to places to have coffee these are great tips that you can count on, it may not be the most modern place but it will be steeped in history and grand beauty (I like both of those things in a vacation spot).

illustration by Konstantin Kakanias

"Life in Tangier is a heterogeneous affair. Like the city’s jagged topography and dramatic site — perched on the northwest tip of Africa, on the steep hills and cliffs overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar — Tangier itself is a place of extreme contrasts: raging storms and balmy afternoons; modern, compact apartments and ancient cavernous palaces; mega-rich royals and dirt-poor beggars; bustling souks and laid-back beaches; sumptuous hotels and tawdry bars. ..."

my kind of place!

get all your tips on where to stay and what to do here...
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illustration by Konstantin Kakanias

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