24 hours in the Hamptons

My husband wanted to go to Art Southampton Show last week, it was one of those last minute decisions so we just packed it up and all went together (dog and all). From Rhode Island it's easier to get to the Hamptons that it is from New York City! Thanks to the ferryboat!

The ferry to Orient Point leaves from New London, CT - so you just drive your car on board and a delightful hour and a half later you are on Long Island! I love this ride, it's really one of my favorite trips, hardly any time in the car and *POOF* there you are on vacation! So when my husband said he was going to go I said... Not without ME!

We caught an evening ferry at 6pm, arrived in Greenport at 7:30pm and had a really nice dinner (don't get much of that in Rhode Island I am sorry to say..) then straight to the hotel - NO traffic, easy as can be! Since this was a last minute deal we did not stay at my FAVORITE place on Long Island (or anywhere for that matter!) Rushmeyers, we just stayed anywhere.... plus we were there to see an Art Show in Southampton, Montauk was a long way away.... (aka... I couldn't convince my husband it was worth it!)

The next morning we jumped in the car, had a delightful outside breakfast at Hampton Coffee Company - and we took note... return later for delicious frozen fruit fluf (not what they call it, it's what WE call it) whipped frozen banana with delicious stuff on it! YUM!

and then off to the ART SHOW!

Arthampton was a beautiful venue!

Playa35 by Marc Harrold photomontage 67x146cm
by Bernar Venet

Jacob Hashimoto - title: Another Town On An Opposite Horizon
The above was my favorite artist Jacob Hashimoto.. beautiful! made with paper, in a kite-making technique, with the discs strung onto a grid which he arranges to make an image.

There were really a LOT of people at the show.. somehow I got this photo which looks like we were the only ones there!!

marley loved it too!

We were even able to bring our DOG into the show.. loved that!

franny was able to get in a carousel ride in Greenport

our tired bunch on the ferryride home!

Then we had just enough time to grab some burgers and head to the ferryboat! For a delightful ride home and back to Rhode Island!

Thank you Long Island for always being a bunch of FUN and a delightful place to visit!