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This morning I took a break - it's been a crazy few weeks of photographing, lots of computer-driven work inputting new collections and shipping like crazy! So I needed a break and decided to check out Monica's post on Remodelista by Sarah Lonsdale. Monica is the woman behind the Two collection (click here for a link to her collection on Nonchalantmom)

I don't know about you but India is one of those places that I have always wanted to go... but have not been able to make the trip yet... but it's my promise to myself for my 50th... (coming soon!) so I hope those dreams will come true, in the meantime we have this gorgeous recount from Monica who is a regular...

here is a taste - but bop on over to Remodelista for the full story!

Above L: Kinari Market in Chandri Chowk. Above R: A three-wheel bike used for navigating the markets. Photograph by Monica Patel-Cohn.

Above: Mr. Manjeet and his Ambassador taxi. Photograph by Monica Patel Cohn.

Above: Moonriver, a design concept store. Photograph via Vogue India.

From there, you can look in the right-hand column for MORE places you will love to visit on YOUR trip to India. It's just such a magical place, full of chaos and color, but as Monica says, you need to have yourself planned out or you won't be able to do all you need because of all the chaos.

Kala Ghoda cafe

I was intrigued by this photo of a lovely cafe: Kala Ghoda Café then there were some shopping suggestions, dining and more...

India here we come... now, Who's coming with me!!??

Remodelista :: Ask the Expert: An Insider's Guide to Delhi from Monica Patel-Cohn by Sarah Lonsdale