the BUS

There are a multitude of things that mystify me but none more than the School Bus. Maybe it's because I was "a walker" when I grew up, but I amazed by how the school bus dictates the school rather than vice versa. The middle schools in our area start at 7:30am, YES you read that right 7:30AM (although I know that some of you out there must start even earlier!) so if a kid takes the bus TO school in the morning, he may be getting on the bus as early as 6:30 AM!! WHAT the HECK... I know... I said the same thing! I completely imagine our son sleeping through the day, but he just happens to be an early riser so it has not been to bad on him.. wait until he gets to High School...

Then yesterday, our son came home with this bus repartee, I thought it was funny and I know this kind of thing goes on all the time but I love when I get the "he said, and then SHe said" kind of blow by blow of the bus ride:

Dante says (of COURSE his name is Dante!) "What am I lookin at... I'm lookin at your MAMA!"

Hunter says "Well your mama is so ugly she'd turn Medusa to STONE"

Okay so these are two small town New England boys... for heavens sake! I said to our son... are you SURE that's what was said!, "yep, it's because there was NO bus monitor, she's mean and that would never happen if she was there" and sure enough... today he came home and when I asked how was the bus today... his answer was "okay, the bus monitor was there today"...

If you ask me... we should all stick to WALKING!

Have a GREAT day!