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I have tried various different things to help you see more of the collection, make it easier for you to make choices and have access to photos on models. This way you can possibly see movement, ease of garment and a bit about the fit. I want you to know that I never pin things or embellish the photos in any way and I usually try to get as close to the garment color as I can (but that is probably best represented in the flat shots of the garment). We usually photograph just about everything in the collection so that it's all represented and I wanted to find a way that was easiest to look at the photos, for you to pintrest them if you like and for you to share them with your friends. If you click on the photo it will take you to the collections' page on Nonchalantmom, so that you can see all the colors and styles in that collection.

nonchalantmom on tumblr

I hope that this is a helpful tool for you to see more of that is on Nonchalant Mom, we aim to provide you with comfortable kids clothes, made by small designers and we stay away from big brands... mostly because we like what they are doing, and most of all we want to encourage small unique businesses and help them to grow and spread the word. From time to time these brands will cost more but it is part of their smaller process that leaves little room for lower prices. These smaller brands usually cannot meet large minimums so they are paying more for production and also more for their fabric, but we are SO glad that they are doing what they do... because without them, our kids would be dressed very BORING indeed!

In the end we are trying to simply bring you the best of the kids collections that are out there, the most unique, practical and fun all at the same time! Our little Tumblr website is a chance to help you browse through the new collections, we hope you enjoy the photos and we hope it's helpful to you!

Thanks so much for being there with us... I love all your emails and kind words and we love Nonchalant Mom as much as you do!

love - carina

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