Our Favorite DRESS!

Layla - Andara dress in Dacca print (black/white)

Recently I was in NYC for the womens collections... so exciting and we saw SO many new and lovely things that we will be bringing your way.. but, I just happened to wear the above most amazing lovely dress by Layla to the shows and I FELT LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! It must have showed because I got so many compliments... I tell you, that Alayne, she really knows what she is doing!

Layla - Andara dress in Dacca print (black/white)

I will tell you that this is a heavier weight cotton dress, super versatile you could wear boots, with jeans or as I did the other day black shoes - it's fantastic with or without a belt.. all is good!

see the entire Layla collection (ooohhh I love it all) here...

There is also a blazer/jacket in this print.. fantastic too!! (I asked Alayne to make a pair of pants for me in the same fabric too!) I'm in LOVE...