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Unity Home

I am always on the lookout for an amazing prefab home, not that we need one at the moment but it's one of those ideas we have... get a lot somewhere and drop a prefab on it!

This particular home by Unity Homes would be the one... Tedd Benson has been building houses for almost 40 years, and has been questioning the way they are built since he started. After years of specializing in high-end timberframe designs, he has launched a new company, Unity Homes, to bring his innovations to the flatpack prefab world.

These homes have everything you want like R35 walls, R44 roof, triple pane windows by Loewen.  Unity homes are so energy efficient that fossil fuel-free living is not just possible, but the alternative heating and cooling strategies (typically, air source heat pumps with heat recovery ventilation) are also better for comfort and air quality. There are also solar options so you can be off the grid. Unity Homes are also beautifully crafted, environmentally-friendly, and are fine tuned to achieve very low energy requirements.

They also have a Swedish inspired option called the Värm (you KNEW this was coming didn't you). In Sweden, the word "lagom" has deep cultural significance. It doesn't translate directly in English, but it roughly means "just enough," or "just right." Perhaps most notably, it also means "in balance" — not too much, but not too little either. Tedd Benson's family hails from the central farming region of Sweden known as Värmland. Yes, this is also why I love these homes.

visit their website to find out all the details - their homes range from $200,000 for 1100 square ft. to larger with more bedrooms etc. The Unity homes are also flexible (or what they call 'frugal') for changing home needs like more bedrooms when you need them for a growing family, now that's thinking ahead.

visit their website here
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