scary spider webs! - Boo!

My kids are crazy about making Halloween decorations... as soon as they come home from school it's all about pumpkins, ghosts and other scary things... I think we've used a how tissue box making ghosts hanging all over the place (tip: we put them on elastic string and then they bounce around!). But I am here to tell you about my new FAVORITE Halloween decoration - these scary  SPIDER WEBS! The whole deal is pretty obvious but here is a short how-to:

yarn and three small sticks

choose whatever color yarn you want for the web - I saw one online with natural yarn and that was very cute! We just happened to have these great mohair yarns (leftovers from my sweater design days) in yellow and orange so they worked perfectly!

tie a knot at the center and start winding! (you will need a cup of tea to do this! ha!)

you can see the pattern start to take place... and you will get a rhythm that will just set you in a trance.
 YES this is a fun craft to do with kids but I got them started and then let them do the winding (when franny is done eating some toast with nutella!)

keep winding! you might have to trade off with your kids... it works out nice that way so that then there are portions that are mixed up and then some that is wrapped in the same pattern over and over...

here it is!! just add the spiders and you are finished!! We made a BUNCH of them all day on Sunday... so much fun!

have a SPOOKY HappY HaLLoWEEN!!!!