new blocks :: Balancing Blocks - by Fort Standard

Balancing Blocks from Part & Parcel on Vimeo.

watch this super cute movie by part & parcel! (click above link) and they will show you a little bit about these wonderful Balancing Blocks by Fort Standard

These beautiful blocks by Fort Standard would make any kid happy and their parents.. even more so! Why? because of the fantastically creative play,  the fabulous vintage look of the blocks and well the fact that they are made in the USA from hardwood and painted with non-toxic paint is even greater...

fort standard balancing blocks - mixed

fort standard balancing blocks - white

Families can compete or partner up with Balancing Blocks to build structures while focusing on height, gravity defying and balance style. I like that they are just gorgeous to look at! They make the perfect gift.. so get yours now!

and they come in this cute canvas bag.. gift anyone!?

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