chefs collaborative - RI

this is last years tent (2011)

Last year I wrote a post about this event, I have been looking forward to this years ever since! It was probably the sweetest most well run event I have been to in a long time. It helped that it's on the edge of a small pond, bonfire, AMAZING FOOD, and a band that is just TOP in my book.. the BOB Kendall band!

Just in case you are in town this Sunday, October 14th don't miss this fun event! And it's all for a good cause (find out more about the Chefs Collaborative here), you get to taste the delicious-ness of the best local restaurants (well the Chefs to be exact) on their chosen special dishes... this year the highlights are:

Derek Wagner–Nick’s On Broadway
Jake Rojas–Tallulah on Thames
Eli Dunn– The Beehive Café
Beau Vestal–New Rivers
Matt Gennuso–Chez Pascal
Matt Varga–Gracie’s (with special guest chef Chris Carruba)
Mike McHugh–Julian’s
David Reynoso–Al Forno
Darius Salko–Tini
Champe Speidel–Persimmon
Chad Hoffer and Tyler Burnley-TSK

With desserts by:
Kevin Thiele-One Bellevue at the Hotel Viking
Matt and Kate Jennings–Farmstead and La Laiterie

My personal favorites are Jake Rojas and his too delicious tacos!! and another of our favorites is David Reynoso of Al Forno... but it's all good and wine and a great time with the band!

get your tickets here

see you'all at the FARM!!!

that's franny dancing away to the Bob Kendall Band!