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We know her as our favorite designer but to Martha Stewart, Makié Yahgi is part of the American Made Project which pulls TEN of the best entrepreneurs in the USA for their work, which embodies quality, beauty, inspiration, possibility, and creativity, and of course MADE IN USA.  Martha Stewart is a creative entrepreneur who has made her career doing, teaching, and inspiring others to pursue what they love. Her example has encouraged countless others to follow their passions and launch their own businesses: chefs, bakers, caterers, gardeners, farmers, florists, landscape architects, product and clothing designers, ceramists, stationers, and many more. I don't know about you but she has certainly inspired me to be better - stronger - and more creative. This new project is such an amazing highlight of the good things that come when you do something right.

Makié :

"The sound of a whirring sewing machine was a near constant in Makié Yahagi's childhood home. Her mother, an expert dressmaker, taught her daughter how to sew, knit, and embroider starting when she was just 5. "I was a tomboy," she says. "I loved to run around in nature. But when I was home, all I wanted to do was sew." After moving to the United States and having two sons, she continued that childhood obsession and in 1999 opened Makié, a boutique in New York City's SoHo district featuring her handmade clothes for infants and children. The heirloom-quality textiles and designs garner a devoted following, and after repeated requests from customers, she started making women's clothing as well.

Yahagi is hands-on in all aspects of the design process, making every pattern and working with a team in the city to execute the finished product. "I think carefully about how many stitches are needed or what type of seam is required," she says. "It's tiny but so important." This minute attention to detail keeps her customers and wholesale clients loyal. "This thing is my baby," she says. "I want to keep doing this until I am a grandmother."

Makié has been such an inspiration to me in my business and wouldn't think of having a season without her!! so CONGRATULATIONS MAKIE! We are all SO proud of you!!

Love - Carina

(all photos from Martha Stweart by Jennifer Cousey)

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