Lucky Fish.. our FAVORITE!

glow in the dark moon hoodie :: neon blue stag long sleeve t-shirt

rooster sunrise on navy long sleeve t-shirt
 Lucky Fish arrived and we are so relieved! Lucky Fish is always great for kids each and every day... do you hate getting your kids ready for school? Lucky Fish will have your kids EXCITED about school and what they are going to wear! (reverse problem.. they will want to wear them EVERY day!) I love the messages they send with animals and fun prints. Jann brings her South African flair to every piece with color, innovation and just a boatload of FUN!
blue bunnies printed on long sleeve thermal white t-shirt :: navy blue hoodie with glow in the dark sunburst!
glow in the dark shooting star on grey long sleeve t-shirt :: blue bunnies printed on white thermal long sleeve t-shirt

We photographed Lucky Fish last week and had SO much fun... we put on loud music, dance around and have a REAL good time! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do...

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saturn print on long sleeve grey thermal t-shirt :: orange/yellow sunburst on white thermal long sleeve t-shirt