robin mollicone :: gallery exhibition :: SHOP Anew

Robin Mollicone is one of our favorite jewelry designers, to me she strives to do things she loves and that's when things come out best! Her talent is extraordinary, I took these photos of her pieces which are currently hanging in a show in NYC at SHOP: Anew in Chelsea. She combines leather work (yes, that neon is LEATHER!) her amazingly intricate beadwork (in the above piece that ring is all beaded!) and then each of the stones is encased in beadwork... it's just about as crazy as she is but I love it!

When I asked Robin about her inspiration she made reference to the 1970's... "I'd say that my major inspiration is the craft that came out of the Bay area in the early 70's. I like the process of making the work and the labor intensity. It fills the pieces with energy" - I'd say she sure has!

 Each of these pins includes beadwork, leather work, crystals and stones... See more of her work at Nonchalantmom

Robins show will be closing this weekend - so if these pieces are not sold already I can put you in touch with Robin if you are interested.... I sure am!!

See a new collection of Robins pieces at Nonchalantmom - click here