Duchess & Lion

I wish my kids were small again because I would be all over these guys! And if they sold wholesale, YEP they would be in my store. But this is good for you... you can shop directly from this cute little line called Duchess & Lion. Their sizes run up to 4 years (oh please go up to 10 year!!) Easy clothes for kids to play and do whatever they want in - these are not the fussy type. All the clothes are ethically made in San Francisco (yay!).

Here are some of my favorites (well, just about everything is a favorite!)

gorgeously made with a large pleat in back

leggings for everyone :: boys and girls

oh so cool...

there are a few variations on this head wrap... although I can imagine my kids doing a lot more with this....
And if you can put your fast-thinking cap on and order this little dress asap... it will go on sale on tuesday - there may even be some cryptic way you have to order cause they will go fast... this is the cutest dress EVER.... sizes 12m to 4 year - it will go onto their webshop on Tuesday October 7th (but I'm warning you they will go fast...)

shop Duchess & Lion here