need a water filter, why not get a gorgeous one!

The last time I was in San Francisco I got to visit the new Heath Ceramics location in the Mission, it's such an amazing *large* space - they also do work there so it's not only a showroom! One of the things I found was not at all ceramic, and I have been enjoying this water filter all summer and I know I need to pass this one on because I really love it!

I don't know about you but I really hate to drink ice cold water, it's not healthy, just think about it... it's 98 degrees in your body and then you toss down freezing cold water into your organs, I will be the voice for them... "eeekk... we hate it!", why not drink refreshing room temp water! This is what your body is asking for and there is no more beautiful way to get delicious filtered water than this Soma water carafe and filter. You can order one straight from Heath if you click here - then once you have that in your basket, quickly go to the ceramics and start your collection! Best part... you can spend your life collecting Heath... there is so much beauty!

Once you drink from the Soma water filter, you won't want to drink water any other way. We love how the German-made carafe travels elegantly from kitchen to table; we love even more how the California–made filter purifies the water to the highest standards. The biodegradable filter, made from coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing, is designed to enhance the taste of your water. ells, silk, anda plant-based casing, is desigd to enhance the taste of your water. Carafe comes with the first filter; second free filter can be obtained by registering at drinksoma.com. 
Soma Water Carafe + Filter