back in stock! Olio e Osso

We are all stocked up again on the Olio e Sasso lip balms. I love these guys because they are produced in small batches. Each balm has an all natural base that utilizes the time honored nourising properties of olive and shea oils bound together with natural beeswax and grapefuit seed essential oil. These lovely balms are meant to be used on your lips, face, body and hair - I love to use them when we travel because it's all in ONE!

I keep the clear in my purse for those moments (especially at this time of year) when you need a balm anywhere, hands, cuticles, face... whatever! And there is certainly something about this container that I love.. it feels good upon application, just pick your color! They go from clear to lightly tinted melon, crimson and darker berry. It's just a light touch of color.

Recently they changed their name from Olio e Sasso to Olio e Osso - same delightful balms just a new name... so don't think you are seeing things... it's just a slightly different name.

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