Kalon Studios Furniture for Kids and more....

My favorite furniture studio is Kalon, they just keep on top of things by creating beautiful, sustainably made with sustainable materials, furniture for your kids that ingeniously grow with them and can move into your home and be cherished forever! They make all kinds of gorgeous furniture for your home too, I just tend to focus on these great kids pieces. If you don't know Kalon yet (we have posted some of their limited edition items in the past) I think you should take a look (and I would suggest to get on their mailing list - so fun to hear from them whenever they create something new!).

They have just come out with this piece, the Caravan Divan Twin - which can be a twin bed and then move into a seat of whatever you like - effortless, generous and comfortable, this piece will live in your home forever. The pared-back styling and simplicity of the piece allow it to mix well in any setting. Sharing the proportions of a standard twin bed, the Caravan Divan can be used for lounging and seating or for sleeping.

It's a good place to start, with your kids, purchasing furniture that is made in USA in a sustainable, beautiful way that you can be proud of and will last forever!