Heidi Baron Godoff :: large needle hand-knits

the St. Helena wrap/scarf

I met Heidi when we did the Remodelista Holiday Sale last year, while we were at the sale I said to her, "You know, you look really familiar..." it took us awhile and then we finally realized we used to live a few blocks from each other in the South Street Seaport (lower Manhattan) - when we lived there it was a VERY small neighborhood, we are talking ONE cute little coffee shop owned by these two sweet guys from Minnesota. Heidi has this standard black poodle, gorgeous.. I always loved seeing that dog, but we didn't really know each other - I just knew her dog. Fast forward 10 years or so and there we are at the Remodelista Sale selling our wares! We kept in touch this time and on my last trip to San Francisco I looked her up at a Sheep Shearing festival (sounds crazy but it was GREAT) there she was with her table full of gorgeous thick scarves, hats and bags -- I love them!

While we transplanted in Rhode Island, Heidi managed to win the lottery (figuratively speaking of course) and end up in Napa Valley, California! (I'm totally jealous). Gone are her days of high-fashion rat race and onto greener pastures (I mean really!), her new location has given her the chance to sit back and smell the grapes, do some knitting, and yes, work a bit on the side consulting with clients she likes to work with -- sound like the life, maybe it IS! Let's all high-tail it out to Napa...

heidi carrying her knitting around with her!

Heidi has found her love in knitting with large needles, she started in that organic fashion, making something for yourself, then everyone goes crazy for it and you start making them for your friends, then the friends - friends want them too and you see where we are going... then I got a hold of her and begged her to make some things for Nonchalantmom (so glad she did!). Heidi starts with large needles, then she adds large yarn, super incredibly soft and light merino yarn and the result is these gorgeous pieces that are so versatile and fun to wear. She added leather ties so that you can almost wear these pieces as a vest or a scarf.

I want to remind you that we will have this collection only for a short time, then Heidi will take it back! (Oh NO!)

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