grocery shopping with Dr. Frank Lipman

I found this short video where Dr. Frank Lipman (via Daily Candy) takes you on a tour through grocery shopping in a healthy way. Think of this as a good start to March's National Kids Eating Healthy Month! Dr. Lipman goes by the tagline "The Voice of Sustainable Wellness" and I love that, he is internationally known for his approach to wellness, but I really like his attitude and the way that he presents it all, he makes it simple! If you are looking at becoming more healthy, Dr. Lipman is very inspiring and he makes it very easy.

Take a look at this video and it you like it visit his website and learn more about everything he talks about, mindfullness, cosmetics, and much much more! If you want, he will be speaking at the Urban Zen Center in NYC on Sunday with the topic of "Conversations on Sustainable Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman". Come hear the "father" of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeff Bland, with 3 of its leading practitioners, Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Bob Rountree in a unique conversation moderated by Dr. Lipman. I'm such a nerd and I love these kind of things so I am going... and I hope that I will see you there too!

daily candy's grocery shopping video
visit the website of Dr. Frank Lipman here
for more information no the seminar click here