afghani dress - a true favorite!

I can't tell you how much love I have for this dress... it's true perfection for spring/summer/fall days. I get emails all the time, and if you are a convert.. you usually come back for more, in each color to be exact! A simple way to get ready in the morning, just throw this on... add a unique necklace and there you go! I love it with jeans, tights or bare legs! It's just the best way to make your way through warm summer months!

I have a few new Layla Afghani's (black and petrol!) at Nonchalant Mom in a top or a dress... either way, you will love it!

click here to find the Layla Afghani top or dress at Nonchalantmom


Pretty Mommy said...

It's true!! I love my pink afghani top...and if I could nurse in it I'd be snatching up the black dress right this minute ;)

Staci said...

I missed out on this dress last year. I am soooo glad it is back. I have already ordered!

ariana. said...

I really do think the black Afghani top is one of the most lovely things! It is simple and beautiful and perfect! Do you think you will ever get more in stock? I hope this finds you well! All the best, ariana

GURU said...

this is pretty cool.. i like it..