NYC (again....)

I took that... out the front window of car! ha!

Aren't you tired of me talking about going to NYC... I am too... But I have to tell you about this trip because it was so very super inspiring and a lot of fun and just a tad bit on the crazy side too!

It all started when I started my own business eight years ago (nonchalant mom) and then my husband (the Artist) in a sense has his own business as well. Then we moved to a town where NEITHER of us has ANY family (but we still love it!) and we do our best day to day to get our kids to school and run our businesses. This sounds like a lot of you right.. just trying to make life interesting and make a living! Well this weekend it all converged on us in NYC. My husband had the art shows going on with paintings at two shows (both SCOPE and PULSE) and I had the kids shows where I buy most of the collections you see in my shop. Normally, this is a fantastical trip that I usually talk about with dinners with my friends at Kit+Lili, MakiƩ and my 'new' friends Sue at nico nico and.... This trip was not that trip, but still we managed to have fun -- only in New York would that happen!

The kids and I drove down (it's a 3 hour trip) on Saturday night, arrived at 9pm and I woke them up in time to see TIMES SQUARE! They loved it and squealed with joy even though they were dog-tired! (and played 'Thriller' really loud, just for the impact!) We all stayed at a friends apartment so we unloaded everybody and after a bit of excitement they were sound asleep (god knows how with all the noise in that city!!). The next morning it was pouring with rain and it rained ALL day! We purchased some rain boots (otherwise we would have been screwed..) and we were on our way, we car-tripped it to Brooklyn to visit Jann's husband Tony and he took the kids to a movie while I went to MY shows (oh yea, I didn't even see my husband who came home at 3am, slept, and was up and out again at 8am!), while my husband was at HIS shows.... is this starting to sound like a reality show? It might be a good one... We all had dinner together at La Superior (amazing mexican - link here) and made our way home -- still raining!

Monday I had the chance to go and see my favorite collections at the Playtime show! It was wonderful to see everyone and WOW! You will be so very happy to see the amazing collections for next Fall! They all banged it out of the ball-park and I was completely excited by it all and I know that you are going to be impressed by the creativity and lot's of color that will be on display come July! I would show you photos but I don't think it's fair to these smaller collections, who have a chance to be copied by bigger brands if I show photos and they will come soon enough!! I will have it ALL because I couldn't stop buying....

the standard grill

So to add to the family craziness... we decided to celebrate Sanders birthday in NYC as a special treat. I managed to pick up some 'treats' at AREA/KIDS in Brooklyn (because somehow it's so much MORE fun if the gifts don't come from my store... why is that?) We had a little party at The Standard hotel's restaurant The Standard Grill and he opened his Staten Island Ferry toy boat complete with NYC police car and tow truck! So after hours of spilled drinks, amazing food!, some singing and lots of talking and comparing of notes on the shows we had seen, we ended our NYC stay and drove back that night to Rhode Island.

WHEW, we made it!!...