Many Moons :: 2018 volume 1: January - June

I am so happy to be able to offer you these magnificent books, I hope you take advantage of them. They are as much a book as a workbook and no matter how 'enlightened' you are, or at what level you are in your practice this book will be wonderful for you. Even if you are a beginner like me, you can touch your toe into the pool of becoming stronger, more focused and moving to your 'center'. I found that this book gave me the tools to look deep inside and come out with a way to work that makes me happier and 'lighter' because I like what I do so much more, it has more meaning. Through her text Sarah makes it all feel so welcoming and as if you are talking to a friend. I honestly can't say enough about this book, if you get one for yourself I would suggest to get one for a friend you know will appreciate it, I feel so good that I can share this book with as many people as I can.

Each moon phase is explained with ceremonies to do for each - which is my favorite part! To sit with a candle, crystal and meditate - she gives you suggestions or you can make up your own ideas to mediate on, it's powerful and magikal.

And I am sorry to say that this is the last year that Sarah will be writing this book, it was a three year journey for her and then she will send us all off like little snowflakes to do good in this lifetime. I hope you enjoy!

shop the  book on my website here - they sell out fast and when they are gone, they are gone!

love - carina