To wear or not to wear MAKEUP?

Alicia Keys with/without makeup

I was so happy when TMagazine flashed this headline, not because I have been questioning this for years, but YES! to hear that others are contemplating it. Even faces of the celebrity ilk and thinking... do I really need to wear makeup. When I read the likes of Alicia Keys, who has decided to give it up (in her daily routine, can't imagine she will step on to the stage without a complete 'look') I thought... this could be something?! Imagine if, rather than making up our face, we worried about if our skin was in good condition or not. Is it smooth and well hydrated? Not the "perfect" look that most women are after. I think it's a sign of strength when you can stop out and say - hey, this is what I look like and if you don't like it... well that's fine with me because I do. No big statement just the real and the honest.

I used to wear TONS of makeup in high school, I was one of the early ones with mascara, and the whole nine yards.. I was better at applying makeup then than I am today. Then in the 80's I went to work for Esprit and it all came off, I became fond of red lipstick and that was it. I worked for Esprit for such a long time it just became part of me not to wear it. Now that I am in my 50's I even out my skin tone with a tinted moisturizer, I use concealer to hide my dark circles and since I'm blonde I pencil my eyebrows (A trick I only learned in the last few years...). And I don't leave home without Olio e Osso #3 crimson (which I sell in the shop). I exfoliate 2-3 times a week, I wash my face every night like clockwork with Dr. Hauschka or Trace Alchemy (a local Rhode Island product what I will have in my store soon). And I use organic coconut oil for just about everything.

What's YOUR routine? What are YOUR favorite products?

I'm not a sucker for makeup, I've used the same things for years and years but I am a PRODUCT sucker... If there's a story about a natural product you can be sure I'm reading it! I follow TONS of them online and if I had the money... OOHHHhhh if I had the money I would go crazy for natural products! (I like to follow 'thehermeshippie' on instagram, she always has fun new products).

Oh and here are some clean faces to give you inspiration!

Recognize these faces? Lovely all of them RIGHT!

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