it's our 12th anniversary!

This has been one of the most wonderful in our 12 years in business - the new store has breathed so much life into both the online shop and the shop that I can't wait to get in here each day! We opened the shop so that we could renew our community relationship which we are strengthening by offering unique classes, workshops and well I'm sure we will dip our toes into meditation, tarot cards, Swedish candle making and more....

In the coming year you can look forward to (finally) updating the website, making it work better, stronger, faster (just like the bionic woman). This way the online store will better reflect what we are doing in the store and it will be more flexible for me to make changes and add things.

So if you ever see things in my photos of the shop and wonder what it is don't hesitate to drop me an email! Since I have opened the shop I am chatting with all of you more often and I  L O V E  IT!

OH and the BEST part... quite a few of you stopped in this summer to meet in person, some after all of the 12 years! I met a few from California, Portland and the almost locals New Yorkers. We got to talk about how are kids have grown, we got to see each other in real-life, and best of all there was some shopping in person done.

All of this long winded to say thank you and offer:

15% off sitewide*
use code: '12years' at checkout

remember only one code/order, *Black Crane is not part of the sale
but go WILD on everything else

and T H A N K   Y O U!! I know I have the best customers in the business, I rave about you guys to everyone - so let's keep up this great relationship in the family!

ps. we have some CRAZY things in store for you this Holiday that you are going to LOVE including lots of christmas nick-knacks from my childhood home which my mom left this year, let's just say I have some boxes to go through....