top 5 items for BABY

Recently, while at a trade show when I introduced myself as Nonchalant Mom (well I always say my name first but then they ask you your store name... so then it comes out) a young, pregnant first time mom asked me a question that I haven't been asked for a LONG time. She said, "Oh, you must be a good person to ask.. what are your suggestions for the most 'handy' baby items I need to get for my new baby?" after a bit of hhhhmmm-ing and hummming, I was kind of excited to be asked this question after such a long time... I came up with these:

1) If you live in NYC a good stroller, one that collapses like an umbrella stroller. Notice I did not say the most expensive, fancy stroller but rather the most simple easy stroller. Here is my thought on this... in a metropolitan area you will use a stroller all the time, but going in and out of places you will need to collapse it easily. If you live in the suburbs my guess is that you will hardly use a stroller, but a baby bjorn that will probably come in handy... it's easier and more fun to have your baby right next to you. And all said.. in metro areas a baby bjorn is also great.

here is an example: you live in the suburbs you load your stroller into your car, you stop at Staples, unload your stroller put your baby in it for 5 minutes while in the store, load it back into your car, go to the next place, unload it... you see where this is going, it get's a little ridiculous.

2) invest in a nice padded baby blanket - not too big, something you can bring with you anywhere.

celine fw 2013

mansur gavriel

bag'n'noun at steven alan

3) take this chance to buy yourself that gorgeous bag that you've always wanted, maybe slightly larger than normal, but don't go in for those HUGE bags to carry everything... you will hate lugging that thing around and honestly, I think it looks ridiculous, no one needs that much crap ALL the time. make do with what you have and don't underestimate the baby wipe...

4) you will need one or two... (unless you are pumping), preferably glass, and you are set.

5) find a really nice comfortable one that you will love to wear because you WILL... wear it! (get 2 or 3, they get old fast...)

and maybe a pacifier.... just in case you have a baby that wants one...

DONE, did I forget anything... you tell me...

OH, and the cutest clothing EVER, that you get from ME! ha!