Guest Blogger :: Florence - Meet Michelle Marshall

My friend Florence Rolando is going to guest blog a bit while I am on vacation. Florence is one of my favorite In-the-know people in the kids business, her favorites somehow become mine, so I was excited when she wanted to share some blogs with us. You can always catch a tip or two from her on style and fashion and the kids industry at her amazing blog: Pirouette.
Today she introduces us to  Michelle Marshall:

Meet Michelle Marshall, Fashion/Lifestyle Photographer , Kids Stylist and Founder of e-store Quirky Collective.
Michelle Marshall is French, born and bred in Lyon.

In 1992,  she moved to the Midlands to study photography at the University of Derby, where she met her husband Philip, a Retail Interior designer. She then moved to London and worked as a studio manager for two award winning design studios (retail interiors and product design). Michelle and Philip have two daughters, Sissi and  Lola (6 and 8 y old) The family lives in North London and spends most of their holidays in France, at the beach in summer or on the alpine slopes in the winter.

photo by Michelle Marshall
In 2010, Michelle launched, e-store Quirky Collective and blog I Am Quirky, a committee of taste featuring cutting edge children's clothing brands. Michelle has gained a great following and a loyal client base since but today she is back to her first love : photography. Styling and the 'mise en scene' that are inherent to her image-making process are areas that she's hoping to explore more too.  Latest shoots include Sun-San/Salt-Water UK 2013 Lookbook and fashion story for Chalk and Wild.  

photo by Michelle Marshall
A foodie, Michelle knows some great places to eat in London and she recommends, whether travelling there with young ones or not,  Shrimpy's at the King's Cross Filling Station (work off the Soft shell Crab Burger with a walk by the Canal and/or splash about the fountains in Granary Sq),  or freaky chicken (as nicknamed by one of the girls' friends) at Mark Hix's Tramshed in Shoreditch. Michelle would love to spend even more time now with her daughters and seeing them blossom day after day.  Something she captures wonderfully with her lens and that also gives her tons of inspiration and material to use when creating narratives for her clients.

photo by Michelle Marshall

Thank you again Florence for sharing your kids networking knowledge with Nonchalantmom!