LACMA :: James Turrell exhibit and MORE!

LACMA - perfect sunday!
On Sundays at LACMA they have a 'kids day' or what they call Arts for Nexgen - kids are able to sign up for free museum membership for life and they can take one adult with them! (not for use on the special exhibits but for general admission) super cute AND they have great little projects for kids which relate to each of the exhibits, changing weekly. It's really a great place for kids, and it wasn't crowded at all.. this shot above is at noon on a Sunday!

we were not allowed to take photos so I found this online, in case you are not familiar with James Turrell.. you get the idea

We had the chance to see the James Turrell :: A Retrospective exhibit (now through April 6th, 2014) and so the kids and I grabbed it! FANTASTIC! I think that it's one of those very special opportunities in which the moment you are in it, it may not hit you - but you walk away from this thing and you will never forget it! I know my kids won't! The really loved it, going into these rooms of color and space, it's very trippy, and kids take their time here, it's just how it goes. By the end they were crazy about James Turrell - and just wanted to know more about him.

cars moving like crazy all over the place through the Metropolis!

It just so happens that there was also the Chris Burden :: Metropolis exhibit going on at the same time, fantastic! Cars, Trains and all else whizzing by at great speeds, going up ramps, then rambling down. The guards are surprisingly sweet about making sure you get your kids to the right exhibits - love that in a museum. This is just plain FUN.

More short-lived (this exhibit ends September 15th) but if you can make it GREAT is the Architecture exhibit - The Presence of the Past : Peter Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA - I don't know about you but both of my kids are crazy for Mind Craft and so this Architecture exhibit really hit home for them. They were so into all of the scale models and the fact that some of them are from the 1930's is really fascinating to them!

A little lunch in one of their FANTASTIC cafe's and that was all we had time for.. it was a very delightful day.

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