Angela's Picks for new moms

So my friend Angela saw my post about my top 5 baby items and we started talking about HER top 5 and I really loved them... So here I am sharing them with you! Because I think you will like them too!

1) A Bra - a really decent looking nursing bra - I had to laugh because, to be perfectly honest Angela has a great BOD (as in body), my version was a comfort-type thing. But she wanted to clarify, it's a BEAUTY thing, get a beautiful bra so you feel beautiful.. LOVE that right!? She suggested Bella Materna (I visited their website and YES they are gorgeous!).

2) Music - with each of her kids she was listening to different music and now, when that music comes up it's this delightful memory - different for each child - of her baby times with each of her kids (she has five). I have a funny story to insert here, not that I want this to be about me, but here goes - when I was pregnant I LOVED to relax and do some breathing and listen to Snatam Kaur - Grace - over and over and over again, and when I went into labor it's all I wanted to listen to, over and over and over again. I hear it now and I just want to listen to it over and over again! It's such a lovely memory. I know that Angela's music is VERY different but it will have that same effect. You choose what you want.. what is your favorite thing to listen to at the time.

Bill Amberg leather baby seat w/sheepskin

3) A good comfy seat - you will have a lot to do and with five kids, Angela always had a million things going on.. so a good comfy seat for your baby is really heartwarming. We happened to have this one above by Bill Amberg which we LOVED.. I don't think he makes them anymore but they do turn up on eBay from time to time. I am sure Mclaren makes a beauty as well!

these beautiful Lucky Fish swaddling blankets are terrific! (NEW at Nonchalantmom!)

4) Swaddling Blankets - These are essential for just about EVERYTHING! and if you are a busy mom, running around town there is no better thing to have in your purse then these, they have multi uses and you will always have a place to put your baby down (without cringing) if you have one of these with you. And if you are more of a at-home mom, no baby feels more secure in one of these swaddling blankets!

5) Breast Pump - breastfeeding is one of the true joys of having a baby, a breast pump is just something that makes it THAT much easier! Angela works from home so she gets to be home most of the time, but you never know when a meeting is going to go too long, you might take a trip, etc.. you will need this device... learn to LOVE it!

Thank you Angela for sharing your terrifically essential and beautiful suggestions for your 5 top baby essentials!