On Being

This may sound familiar to you... it's a radio show on NPR... it doesn't broadcast in my area, but I caught it on a recent drive to NYC, and I was mesmerized. I happened to catch a particular show called "Reading the Rocks" which is flood stories and deep time, a conversation with David Montgomery. First of all Krista Tippett, who hosts On Being - besides having this voice you could listen to all day long, has a knowledge that enhances her guests and brings out a fascinating conversation. But back to the story I listened to that day, I wanted to get home and listen to it with my son. It was a very interesting cross-story between religion, noah's flood and geology, I tell you it was a rich conversation. Filled with knowledge of the past and trying to explain our way to today, how we got to the place we are now.

I love this kind of conversation, it will enrich your life and if you can get your kids to sit down and listen, BOY you've got something there!

visit the On Being website here
listen to the Reading the Rocks podcast here