Surf Clinic!

You may be tired of hearing about this... but I'm not tired or writing about it so THERE...

day 2 group (totally forgot to take photos on day one!)

We had a blast - the 2-day surf clinic with Medelise was the highlight of my year! Besides the amazing couple of days out on the surf, it was great to get to know this new group of ladies who came together from all around... and came together we did! Laughing, paddling... listening to Medelise let us know when a wave was coming, coaching us through it... and then paddle, paddle PADDLE!!

that's Narragansett in the background

We spent the first day in Matunuck, with amazing waves, a bit difficult, I drank more ocean that I want to admit but the result was catching MORE than my share of waves and getting us right into it! I got a little ocean nettie-pot and cleared out my sinuses... Day 2 we surfed Narragansett, which is a totally different surf. Gorgeous clear water, sandy beaches, and surfing all the way onto the beach! Then the second half of the day we went back to Matunuck for more epic waves ('epic' in my eyes at least!).

zinc covered faces - but a happy bunch!

I came home hardly able to lift my arms, totally exhausted - in a GOOD way and a summer tan I couldn't get anywhere else. I am pretty sure Medelise is going to run the camp again in August so I will keep you posted on that if it happens... let me know if you are interested.