summer toner...

okay these are NOT my legs.. but they will be SOON! ha!

There is nothing better than exercising, but I noticed that my legs looked kind of 'cheesy' or lumpy the other day. I haven't been skin brushing for awhile and I knew this would be the answer. So last night Franny and I did my sisters skin brushing system, Britt Beautiful Skin. You KNOW I am not trying to sell you this thing because at the moment I am all sold out and my sister doesn't have any either! But I also know that many of you already HAVE  her skin brushing kit, because I sold SO many! So, this is just a friendly reminder because, like me, you may have fallen off the skin brushing wagon but really this is the BEST time to skin brush!

Skin brushing goes way back to the ancients and comes in many forms. In general you take a natural bristle brush and rigorously and symptomatically brush your skin towards your heart. You start with your body and then work out to your limbs, brushing towards your heart. I really like the Britt Beautiful Skin system and I follow her book each time I do it so that I don't forget anything. And I think it's important to do it they way that she lays it out so that it cleans out your lymph system in the correct way. (you can read my sisters past posts about skin brushing here)

Guess what... after just ONE skin brushing session my skin looks SO much better... obviously I am BACK ON the wagon! So I will keep you updated. It feels so great and gives you a bunch of energy. I don't know why I ever stopped, but I think it's a real secret to beautiful skin. So keep working out, but just add skin brushing to give your skin a beautiful glow and get rid of the lumpy cheesy look!

Britt Beautiful Skin