treasure BOX - be ready for next season!

Franny's treasure box of future clothes (wovenplay coat, velvet blazer, the perfect color orange jeans, an vintage batik dress, etc....)

Kids grow so fast it's almost hard to keep track. I know this is nothing new to you but maybe this idea IS... I like to keep a box for each of my kids of things that I find for the future. In Franny's box there is a wool felt jacket that I found in Santa Fe years ago (a size 10 year!), a Wovenplay dress that I loved so much but could only get a size 8 (she will fit into this SOON!), a pair of Erica Tanov pants from when she made a kids line about 8 years ago! Sander has a bunch of vintage surfer t-shirts from a trip to California years ago and a suit jacket from a Swedish thrift shop that I am dying for him to fit into!

My point is when you come upon these things, and they aren't necessarily the right size it's nice to keep them, if you love them and know it's something that will be fun for your kids to have later. I like to call it a treasure box because sometimes we forget about things and then open the box and there it IS and it fit's perfectly!! Last Christmas it was a black velvet blazer I had found and we pulled it out and it was perfect for the Holiday season events.

here are some of my suggestions and if you can't find your size... remember you can put it in your TREASURE BOX!

Wovenplay is always good for a long term save, and now that it's on SALE it's nice to grab something at a good deal!
Wovenplay - darger dress was $128 now on SALE!

Wovenplay - ribbon jada suit was $108 now on SALE!
Littl by Lilit - che sera dress in sunny yellow!
It can even be as simple as a Lucky Fish T-shirt - maybe your favorite T does not come in the right size but your kids can wear them later... 

Well, I hope you get the picture! Have fun treasure hunting!

good saving and find your treasures!

Also, Wolfechild is having a sample sale... find something for you treasure box here!