Macrobiotic Summer Conference 2013

Ever want to take a vacation and learn a tremendous amount of information on Natural Living and Healing with Food!? The Kushi Institute Summer Conference is your place! I tell you this is one of my favorite things of the summer, taking time off for myself, learning about cooking, healing, philosophy, yoga and exercise of all kinds (and SO much MORE!), and the most terrific food all they way through!

afternoon lunch... just imagine dinner! YUM!

The Kushi Center has been putting on the Macrobiotic Conference since the 1970's (probably earlier) and it is a great chance to meet with and talk to some of the Macrobiotic GREATS! John Kozinski (for EVERYTHING), Ed Esko (9 Star Ki), Lino Stanchich (vitality and strength), my FAVORITE yoga teacher (and my GURU!) Karin Stephan and you might even have the chance to listen to a lecture by Michio Kushi himself! (if you have the chance don't miss it! you will always remember him and his kindly way of explaining things).

Ed Esko explaining 9 Star Ki

Melanie Waxman during a cooking class (watch and taste!!)

Even if you are just into it for the food! or the exercise! or the 9 Star Ki! (one of MY favorite classes!) you can choose to focus your day on the classes you want to hear. There is even Swing Golf! (a technique that will change your golf game for life!). I loved meeting new people and putting myself in the very different situation (waking up at dawn, doing various types of exercise, eating fantastic food, going to classes), each night there is a event to get everyone together for some relaxing fun (or you may choose to sit in your room and review ALL the information you learned that day!). Any way you look at it the Summer Conference will set you on a path of holistic and healthy knowledge that will change your life, and your families life!

Denny Waxman and others at the conference enjoying dinner! (that's my EMPTY plate!!)

Dates: August 1 - 4, 2013
Where: Dolce Executive Conference Center in Basking Ridge, NJ - (it's a GORGEOUS location just outside of NYC) - there a just a few on-site rooms left - this is a beautiful location!

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