okay, I will admit it... I'm hooked on Once Upon a Time...

My kids and I stumbled on this show accidentally and we were pretty much instantly hooked on Once Upon a Time. It's been a really nice thing to do at the end of a hot day to relax in front of the TV and watch an episode together. It's a great family program and it will keep you all pretty well entertained (there is no sex, no drugs, and no rock and roll.. no really - a gun did show up in one episode and I was pretty bummed out... they totally didn't need it but there it was) - There is sword fighting and just a bit of kissing between Snow White and Prince Charming. So there you go, those are your warnings, it's probably okay for kids 7-8 or older. Otherwise it is pretty harmless, you will go from Story book to "Storybrook" the fictional Town in Maine, in which only these characters live.

We found Once Upon a Time on Netflix, they have season 1 and then we frantically searched for season 2 and had to sign up for Hulu to get it! The show is on ABC and it just finished airing season 3 in June, and you will be happy to know it will go on for season 4 (Starting in September).

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