travel guide: montauk, NY

montauk lighthouse

welcome to ruschmeyer's!

We took a little mini-vacation to Montauk, NY and, since it was MY idea, I loved it!! But really, the whole family had such a good time! There is nothing that could have been better. It's been years since we have gone out to Long Island, since we looked at houses in 2000 on the North Fork. It's a little silly for us, who live in Rhode Island with some of the most beautiful beaches to go to Montauk with more of the most beautiful beaches for a holiday...  but why not, the more beaches in the summer the better I always say!

lunch in sag harbor
the refreshing ferryboat!
From Rhode Island it is a beautiful one and a half hour Ferryboat ride (actually 3 of them if you count the two on Shelter Island), I thought it was wonderful to go on a summer vacation and only drive about 30 miles! But it sure felt like we were worlds away... because of the amazing accommodations at Ruschmeyer's. The ferryboat goes from New London to Orient Point. Orient Point in itself is a sweet little town that could have made a great destination, but we high-tailed it straight to Montauk. The beach at Orient Point was gorgeous, the town a great place to spend the day and the carousel just tops the cake! From there it's a short (12 minute) ferry boat ride to Shelter Island and then another (9 minutes) off Shelter Island which dumps you into Sag Harbor, we grabbed a bite at ltburger and then kept on the road until we got to Montauk.

We arrived at Ruschmeyer's and it was PERFECT, I can't think of a time I have spent at a place where I felt more relaxed, at home, yet wonderfully on VACATION! This place is the perfect mix of touches of home together with the most delicious food I could have imagined, everything fresh and local, specials each night and a drink that just made the end of the day the best time.. it was called a Hither Hills (an nearby State Park) - recipe:

lime juice
sage infusion

our favorite room - lucky thirteen!
loyd our breakfast smile

This is the kind of place where you sit at picnic tables outside all night while your kids run around and play; in the tee pee, on the swings, riding their bikes (we were smart enough to bring ours), play ping pong, whatever... while you can relax and chat with the friends you just met at your table. We met a delightful couple and our kids just ran off to played together every day! Each morning, was lazy with time to do whatever you like, yoga, bike ride, walk on the beach or just lie down and read a book on the beach rugs laid out all over the large lawn. The breakfast is perfection and Loyd will make you the perfect fresh avocado smash or fresh granola or... like us... we couldn't get enough of the delicious croissants! (it is lazily served until 11am)

franny's new favorite - pesto! (the kids meals were amazing... I would order each and every one of them for myself!)

our perfect room! I want to move in....

The rooms are perfectly comfortable... and I know what my next house is going to look like... I LOVED these rooms! Very small but just the necessities, it's all you really need, it's almost like a tent and then you spend most of your time outside anyhow (but an incredibly, incredibly, comfortable tent!). There is also in inside restaurant, a casual and comfortable place, like being at a friends (with a few more tables) a friend who is a really, really, really good cook!

restaurant at Ruschmeyer's

nightclub - weekends pack this place, with kids it's a MUST to go during the week (NOT friday and saturday night's - leave that to the young and swinging)

We don't like to pack too much into our vacations, just a lot of relaxing, so Ruschmeyer's is THE PLACE, we hung out until noon and then found our way to the beach, the waves were pretty good for kids at Ditch Plains (there were also kids surfing classes there if you want) or for calmer waters head on over to Navy Beach... perfectly still and great rocks! By the time we got back from the beach it was cocktail hour and then dinner... look, I KNOW there are wonderful places to eat on the Island but we were perfectly happy with Ruschmeyer's and never left. We managed to eat lunch elsewhere... our chance to explore just a bit and to visit our friends at Turpan (see blog coming soon, they have so many great things they need their own blog!), East Hampton is funny... you can go from Beach to Tiffany's!

Just remember, if you are going with your family go during the week, it's not crowded at all, we went from Sunday - Wednesday on Sunday night they had a beautiful duet playing and on Thursday nights they have Bingo, I'm sorry we missed that... the staff is gracious and sweet and again, it's like staying with a friend.

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