Crate and Barrel and Marimekko

marimekko 3.75" bowl at crate and barrel

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Marimekko, I actually sold it in my store when I first started.. is was one thing I thought was essential (but I don't think too many others thought so.. whatever..) I will always love their sharp and clear patterns. Recently Crate and Barrel is showing some of my absolute favorite prints. The prints are from 2009 (but I really think they reflect some of the 70's archives), I love them and I think they are perfect for summer parties and they make perfect daily dishes that will give you a smile each day!

Envisioned as a series of narratives, Maija Louekari's 2009 Siirtolapuutarha ("allotment") tells a story of growth in a tableau of mix and match tableware. Depicted through graphic line drawings, Siirtolapuutarha blooms larger than life, transporting nature's beauty to the heart of an urban metropolis. The series captures the artist's fascination with the flower and vegetable beds allotted to city dwellers in Finland.

I am just trying to decide whether to get blue or black!?

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