make your own summer hat!

I saw this hat in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living, then later I saw a friend at the beach and she had this great hat on.. it looked just like the one in Martha Stewart (except she didn't make it and she paid a fortune for it) - and I thought.. I'm going to make these guys!

the hat is reversible so this is 1/2 a hat

The patterns are easy to follow and it only took about an hour (well that's after printing up the pattern, taping it together, and cutting it out, from the Martha Stewart website). It worked best with the more durable canvas fabric, but somehow my son is totally okay with his floppy one! I must admit, this is the time to make things for your kids when they are at the age of about 2-10 years old, because you know it's not going to last long... My mom used to make my sister and I matching outfits all the time, mostly when we traveled to Sweden or special events, now she claims she doesn't even know how to sew anymore (THAT'S a real bummer!). At any rate, if you are going to sew things for your kids get to it now, my kids will wear anything I make for them, they get so excited about it.

adult hat made with Ikea fabric

I will say that the adult hat is easier than the kids, sewing all those small circles is not very fun, it's also a lot of clipping but in the end you will have the perfect summer hat!


click here to get all the directions and pattern from the Martha Stewart blog.