What's in YOUR Clare Vivier bag?

Here's what's in mine:
burts bees color chapstick (three different colors!)
fresh - rosé lip balm
himalayan institute neti stik (aromatherapy inhaler-love this!!)
lively up your breath (100% natural breath fresher)
glee gum (multiple packs)
CB I hate perfume - at the beach 1966
a piece of cedar that a friend cut off his tree
herban essentials - lemon towelette (just in case...)
sharpies (I usually end up with about 8-10 but today is was just the two!
nonchalant mom postcards (in case I see kids in need of new clothes - ha!)
tatoos - you never know when these might come in handy
erica tanov wallet (I dropped mine in the ocean, but it still looks great!)
not pictured: iPhone & baggu bags! (always!! at them moment of the photo they were full of groceries!)

favorite green baggu bag!!! (green and neon poppy)

Tell us what's in YOUR Clare Vivier bag!!

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