camping - buzzfeed has you covered - 41 GREAT camping ideas

This is one of those lists you just can't live without! It was put together by the blog: Buzzfeed and it's hilarious + very essential for camping! These are some of my favorites but visit the blog and get the full RUNDOWN on 41 camping hacks you can't live without!

crescent rolls toasted over the fire
it's typical that these easy foods you would never eat at home become so genius on camping trips, this is one of them.. you know those crescent rolls in a can... wind it around sticks and toast on the morning fire!

they suggest to invest in a double sleeping bag! I'm down with that...!

I'm thinking about doing this at HOME! bring your spices along in tic tac containers!

cut your soap up into single use slices

I have to say that this one is MY favorite! um DUH! what a great idea!

So get your camping going with these 41 GREAT ideas! click here to see all 41!